Welcome to FreshRSS at BSD Cafe

Welcome to FreshRSS at BSD Cafe

What is FreshRSS?

FreshRSS is a self-hostable, open-source aggregator that allows you to take control of your reading by bringing together content from your favorite websites, blogs, and news sources into one place. Designed with efficiency and simplicity in mind, it serves as an excellent tool for those looking to streamline their online reading experience while maintaining privacy and control over their data. Key Features of FreshRSS include:

  • Efficient and Lightweight: FreshRSS is designed to be easy on resources, offering fast and responsive access to your feeds.
  • Open-Source: Emphasizing transparency and community contribution, FreshRSS is built and improved by its users.
  • Customizable Interface: Tailor the FreshRSS interface to meet your preferences, enhancing your reading experience.
  • OPML Import/Export: Transitioning from another feed reader? FreshRSS supports OPML for easy import and export of your subscriptions.
  • Mobile-Friendly: With a responsive design, FreshRSS ensures a seamless reading experience across all your devices.
  • Privacy by Design: FreshRSS is committed to your privacy, with no third-party tracking or analytics.
  • Multilingual Support: FreshRSS caters to a global audience with support for numerous languages.

Join the Community

The FreshRSS instance hosted by BSD Cafe is a gathering spot for open-source enthusiasts and privacy advocates within the community. Here, you can share and discover feeds, engage in discussions about your interests, and contribute to a space that values the open web.

To get started, just point to FreshRSS at BSD Cafe page and sign-up.

Technical Details

For more information on the technical aspects and how to make the most of FreshRSS, please visit the BSD Cafe - Technical Details

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