Welcome to Snac2 on BSD Cafe!

Welcome to Snac2 on BSD Cafe!

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What is Snac2?

Snac2 is described in its README file as a “simple, minimalistic ActivityPub instance,” emphasizing its ease of use and efficiency. Since December 2023, has been operational, initially in an experimental phase but has proven to be stable and reliable. Thus, Snac2 is available as a service of BSD Cafe. It is considered one of the best and most comprehensive “lightweight” implementation of ActivityPub, offering one of the best ways to interact with the Fediverse without the need for the extensive dependencies and components of Mastodon.

Features of Snac2

  • Lightweight, Minimal Dependencies: Designed for simplicity and minimal overhead.
  • Extensive ActivityPub Support: Includes public notes, following users, being followed, replying, liking, boosting, and private messaging.
  • Multiuser Support: Allows for multiple users on a single instance.
  • Mastodon API Support: Compatible with Mastodon apps, enhancing usability.
  • Simple Web Interface: No JavaScript or bloatware, partially implements the Mastodon API.
  • MUTE Button: Easily silence undesirable interactions.
  • Interoperability: Tested with various related software for compatibility.
  • No Database Needed: Operates without a traditional database, reducing complexity.
  • JavaScript-Free: Ensures a lightweight and fast experience.
  • Cookie-Free: Prioritizes privacy by not using cookies.
  • Minimal Nonsense: Focused on providing a straightforward and efficient experience.

Joining the Community

Snac2 is not a direct replacement for BSD Cafe's original Mastodon instance but serves as a lightweight alternative for individual users or small communities. It is designed for simple self-hosting and offers a different philosophy from Mastodon, focusing on minimal resource usage. To get an account on, contact (via Fediverse), (Matrix), or send an email to explaining why you're interested in joining our Snac2 instance. You can utilize either the minimal Snac2 interface or one of the Mastodon apps, although not all apps are compatible. Tusky, available on Android, functions well, and many web applications perform effectively whether accessed through a browser or installed as a Progressive Web App (PWA). Phanpy, Enafore, and Elk (but not only) appear to be quite compatible with Snac2.

Account Migration and Inactivity Policy

Currently, Snac2 does not support (easy) migration of accounts within the Fediverse. Additionally, accounts inactive for six months will be deleted to keep the instance clean and lightweight. This policy is necessary due to Snac2's use of text files instead of a database, which can become burdensome as content increases. The retention policy for posts (timeline_purge_days for external posts and local_purge_days for local users' posts) will initially be set to 120 and 180 days, respectively, to maintain server efficiency.

Getting Started

  • Login: Use your credentials to access the Snac2 dashboard.
  • Engage: Follow users, post content, and interact with the Fediverse using a streamlined and efficient platform.

Technical Details

For more information, refer to the technical details page on BSD Cafe. Snac2's approach, free from databases, external queue systems, and media servers, allows for installation and operation on hardware with limited resources, such as older Raspberry Pi models. · Last modified: 2024/03/03 19:22 by stefano