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Welcome to Your User Space

Welcome to Your User Space

The BSD Cafe Wiki employs the User Manager plugin to provide each member with a personal space. Here’s how your personal and public namespaces are structured:

Public User Page

- Each user has a public page at `user:username`. This is where you can present yourself, showcase your BSD-related projects, share experiences, and contribute to the community. - Think of this space as your public profile on the BSD Cafe Wiki.

Private Namespace

- Alongside your public page, you have a private namespace starting at `user:username:start`. This space is just for you to work on drafts, store private notes, and organize content before you’re ready to share it publicly. - Access to your private namespace is restricted to ensure your drafts and notes remain confidential.

Creating and Editing Pages

- To create a new page in your private namespace, navigate to `user:username:pagename` and start editing. - To edit an existing page, click the 'Edit' button while viewing that page.

Best Practices

- Use your public space or the other open spaces to contribute knowledge and collaborate openly with the BSD community. - Utilize your private space to prepare content at your own pace, away from the public eye. - Familiarize yourself with the [DokuWiki syntax]( to make the most out of your editing experience.

Remember, your contributions are valuable to the BSD Cafe community, and we encourage you to share your insights and experiences!

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