Welcome to the BSD Cafe Matrix Server!

Welcome to the BSD Cafe Matrix Server!

We're thrilled to announce the latest addition to the BSD Cafe project: our very own Synapse Matrix server. This expansion not only showcases our commitment to free and open-source software but also serves as a testament to our continuous aim to provide the BSD community with state-of-the-art technology and tools.

What is Synapse Matrix?

For the uninitiated, the Matrix is an open standard for real-time, interoperable communication over the Internet. It's designed for messaging, VoIP, video calls, and, essentially, any communication you can think of in the digital realm. Synapse is the reference homeserver for the Matrix protocol, and we've adopted it here at BSD Cafe to ensure you get the best in class experience.

Why Synapse Matrix on BSD Cafe?

  • Open Source Aligned: Both the Matrix protocol and Synapse server uphold the principles of open source, much like BSD. This alignment ensures that our community has access to a transparent, secure, and reliable communication tool.
  • Decentralization: The Matrix network is decentralized, meaning no single company or server holds your data. In the age where data privacy is paramount, this ensures that our community can communicate without reservations.
  • Interoperability: One of the standout features of Matrix is its ability to interconnect with other platforms. So, even if you have friends or colleagues on different messaging apps, Matrix can bridge that gap, making communication seamless.

Joining the Conversation

Ready to dive into the world of Matrix on BSD Cafe? Here's how:

  • Register: You can become a BSD Cafe member and request for a Matrix account on our server. For now, please send a message to (if you're already using Mastodon or any ActivityPub implementation), via another Matrix account sending a PM to or a plain, old e-mail at matrix[at]
  • Download a Client: There are several Matrix clients available for different platforms. We recommend Element for a start, given its user-friendly interface and extensive features. You can use the BSD Cafe Element installation following this link:
  • Connect & Chat: Once you've set up your client, join the conversation! Connect with other BSD Cafe members, engage in group chats, and even initiate VoIP calls.

Contribute and Support

As always, the BSD Cafe project thrives on the dedication and passion of its members. If you're interested in contributing to our Synapse Matrix server's development, maintenance, or simply want to provide feedback, please don't hesitate. Every bit of support helps!

We're elated to bring this new feature to the BSD Cafe community. Let's harness the power of open-source communication and forge stronger connections than ever before.

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