BSD Cafe - Technical Details

BSD Cafe - Technical Details

Currently, the infrastructure of BSD Cafe relies entirely on FreeBSD, with both IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity.

The base setup is divided into jails:

  • A dedicated jail hosts Nginx, serving as a reverse proxy. It manages certificates and directs traffic. This is also serving the Matrix web client
  • Another jail contains a small OpenSMTPD server, handling email dispatch internally to avoid external service reliance.

The instance is structured as follows:

  • A jail holds Redis, essential for communication among Mastodon services - the nervous system of BSD Cafe.
  • Another jail runs PostgreSQL, serving as the database - the memory of BSD Cafe.
  • There's a separate jail designated for media storage, acting as the 'multimedia memory' of BSD Cafe. This jail resides on an external server with rotating disks behind Cloudflare. The goal is georeplicated caching of multimedia data to reduce bandwidth consumption.
  • Two jails host the Mastodon application itself, including sidekiq, puma, and streaming components. This is where all processing and connection management occur. They're running in different hosts and are both providing some sidekiq queues and one of the two is set as a backup puma and streaming server when the first one (more powerful) is down. This is useful when updating, to avoid downtime. is confined within a single jail and runs the nginx, php and (of course) the DokuWiki CMS. is structured similarly, contained within a single jail, housing both the Miniflux software and PostgreSQL. In this case, we utilize a local installation. is a single jail service, housing both the FreshRSS stack (Apache and PHP) and PostgreSQL. is structured similarly, contained within a single jail, housing both the Synapse software, PostgreSQL and the Whatsapp bridge. In this case, we utilize a local installation. is composed of two FreeBSD jails: one for PostgreSQL, and the other contains the rest (the frontend in Node and the backend in Rust). is a FreeBSD jail running PostgreSQL, KeyDB and Forgejo. is a FreeBSD jail running Snac2. Only a few strict Snac2 dependencies have been installed. is a FreeBSD jail running Uptime Kuma. This will monitor the other services' reachability and lives in an external VPS.

All communication takes place through a private LAN using a bridge configuration. Additionally, the setup is equipped for VPN connections to external machines, facilitating the possibility of relocating, replicating, or adding services. The VPN connection can be established using Zerotier or Wireguard. Furthermore, a bridge has been established between machines via a VXLAN interface over Wireguard.

Backups are systematically generated via ZFS snapshots and externally replicated across two distinct machines located in separate data centers, different from the production VPS data center.

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