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Welcome to the BSD Cafe!

Welcome to the BSD Cafe!


We’re excited to serve you the best flavors of BSD, including FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, and DragonflyBSD.

But if you prefer Linux, you’re welcome here too!

Our Services

Here are a few services we're working on recently:

Fediverse, Social and Communication Services

Documentation, Information, and RSS Services



Future ideas

  • Surprise (working on it)
  • More to come…

More details and technical details about how we create and manages services can be found here

Our Contents

The BSD Cafe is more than just a community; it's a repository of knowledge and experience shared by BSD enthusiasts. Dive into our namespaces to discover, learn, and contribute.


Read the docs that our users will produce or link, and learn more about the BSD-related world! → Explore Docs


Discover in-depth reviews of BSD-related software and hardware, including detailed discussions on hardware compatibility. Our community shares their real-world experiences with various setups to help you understand what works best with BSD. Whether you're building a new system or optimizing an existing one, these insights can guide your decisions. → Explore Reviews


Whether you're new to BSD or a seasoned sysadmin, our 'Tutorials' namespace offers step-by-step guides to enhance your BSD mastery. From basic setup to advanced tweaks, there's something for everyone. → Start Learning


The 'Users' namespace is the vibrant core of our BSD community. Each member has a public profile page to showcase their BSD journey and a private space for personal drafts and notes. It's a place where BSD users from around the globe can share profiles, experiences, and personal projects. Dive into the collaborative spirit and contribute to our shared knowledge in the public namespaces. → Learn About User Spaces

Our Meetings

Looking to unwind and chat with fellow BSD enthusiasts in a relaxed atmosphere? Look no further! Our weekly meet-up offers the perfect opportunity to kick back, grab a virtual pint, and dive into all things BSD. The BSD Pub is the late time version of the BSD Cafe where we can have a relaxing athmosphere in the evening - just like sitting in the pub and chatting to random people about anything.

Meet the Barista

Meet Stefano Marinelli, the Founder, System Administrator, and guiding spirit of BSD Cafe. Discover more about the 'Barista' of our community!

Offer a Coffee at BSD Cafe

By supporting BSD Cafe, you're not just contributing to a platform; you're nurturing a vibrant community. Your generosity helps us sustain and enhance our services, ensuring that BSD enthusiasts worldwide have a welcoming and supportive home.

You can use both Ko-fi or Liberapay: BSD Cafe Ko-fi page and BSD Cafe Liberapay page

Stay Informed with Our Service Status

To ensure you're always in the loop regarding our service availability and any ongoing issues, feel free to visit our Status Page.

Here, you'll find real-time updates and historical data regarding the uptime and performance of all our platforms and services.

We're committed to transparency and swift communication to ensure your experience with BSD Cafe remains seamless and reliable.

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