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Weekly BSD Pub

Weekly BSD Pub


cdn.gyptazy.ch_images_bsdpub.jpgLooking to unwind and chat with fellow BSD enthusiasts in a relaxed atmosphere? Look no further! Our weekly meet-up offers the perfect opportunity to kick back, grab a virtual pint, and dive into all things BSD. The BSD Pub is the late time version of the BSD Cafe where we can have a relaxing athmosphere in the evening - just like sitting in the pub and chatting to random people about anything. Whether you're a seasoned BSD veteran or just dipping your toes into the world of *nix systems, everyone is welcome! Share your experiences, ask questions, or simply shoot the breeze with like-minded individuals. From the latest BSD developments to off-topic discussions about tech, hobbies, or whatever strikes your fancy, there's no shortage of interesting conversations to be had. So mark your calendars and swing by for a laid-back evening of camaraderie and good vibes. See you at the virtual pub!


The community always managed to be self-organized and the same applies to this chat. We highly want to avoid any moderation in form language etc. Be polite, don't swear too much and stay away from harassment. I'm sure we can keep it without any further moderation. We like to see the people behind the nick names, so it's appriciated to activate the webcam. If you don't want to (doesn't matter if you're shy or for privacy reasons), it's also fine. I you just want to listen, it's ok! If you feel comfortable you can just jump in! This call is just to have some fun, have some high level discussions and should not relate into deep dive tech talks that only a few ones can follow. And of course, this call shouldn't make any pressure to anyone. Keep it simple: jump in, chat and have fun.


Time7:00 PM (GMT+2 / Berlin Summertime)
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