Welcome to Miniflux on BSD Cafe!

Welcome to Miniflux on BSD Cafe!

What is Miniflux?

Miniflux is a lightweight, open-source web-based feed reader designed for simplicity and efficiency. It's a perfect tool for those who want to stay updated with their favorite websites, blogs, and news sources without the distractions and clutter commonly found in other feed readers. Key Features of Miniflux:

  • Unordered List ItemMinimalist Design: Miniflux offers a clean and intuitive user interface, prioritizing content and readability.
  • Open-Source: Being open-source, Miniflux promotes transparency and the power of community collaboration.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Navigate through your feeds quickly and efficiently using a variety of keyboard shortcuts.
  • OPML Import/Export: Easily migrate your feeds from other readers using the standard OPML format.
  • Responsive: Miniflux is designed to work seamlessly on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Privacy-Focused: Miniflux doesn't track you. There are no third-party analytics or tracking scripts.
  • Integrated Content Scraper: Fetch full content for partial feeds directly from the original website.
  • Multilingual: Miniflux supports multiple languages, making it globally accessible.

Join the Community:

Being hosted for the BSD Cafe members, this platform aims to provide a collaborative space for users. Share your favorite feeds, discuss the latest updates, and enjoy being part of a community that values open-source and privacy.

To obtain an account, send a DM to @stefano@bsd.cafe or a Matrix message at @stefano:bsd.cafe - or just send an e-mail at stefano@bsd.cafe (more sign-up options will follow)

Getting Started:

  • Login: Use your credentials to access the Miniflux dashboard.
  • Add Feeds: Once logged in, you can start adding feeds of websites or blogs you want to follow.
  • Read and Organize: Browse through the latest updates, categorize them, mark them as read or unread, and enjoy a focused reading experience.

Technical Details:

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