Meeting: BSD Pub
Date: 2024-05-09

This site represents the upcoming agenda for topics we want to discuss in the next upcoming and related meeting. Everyone may add additional topics here that may matter to be discussed within the group. Meeting minutes (if valuable) will be added after the meeting.


* BSDPub Session Recording & Publishing
* Current Progress of BoxyBSD
* Status of the new BSD Cafe services
* Status of Freedive (postponed to next week)

Meeting Minutes

* BSDPub meetings will be recorded and shared on PeerTube and YouTube

  • This meeting already got recorded

* BoxyBSD insights and ideas
* Plans for ARM64 support
* Plans for IRC-V support (and why it won't happen in the near future)
* BSDCafe Services
* as a new GIT service got announced
* as a new service which returns the IP address of the client (e.g. DynDNS usage)
* Container / Jails / VMs
* Discussion about the current situation in FreeBSD
* Different Jail managers
* bhyve vs Proxmox
* bhyve in customer setups
* bhyve in jails (dependency management)
* bhyve control panels (bhyve-webadmin / BVCP)


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