Meeting: BSD Pub
Date: 2024-05-23

This site represents the upcoming agenda for topics we want to discuss in the next upcoming and related meeting. Everyone may add additional topics here that may matter to be discussed within the group. Meeting minutes (if valuable) will be added after the meeting.


* Freedive presentation (by Hiway)
* Backup Solutions (in general, but also BSD focsued)

Meeting Minutes

* Hiway gave us a pretty nice presentation about his newly written Freedive project which aims to help beginners to get started with FreeBSD. Freedive provides a gui for system administration- & orchesstration.
* Stefano gave us a pretty nice presentation about how serious he takes backups for the BSDCafe. He showed us the way how he does it and also how to handle the multi offsite backups.


* Freedive Introduction by Harshad - BSDPub Meeting - 23/05/2024

* Stefano's introduction to the BSD Cafe backup strategies

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