Meeting: BSD Pub
Date: 2024-04-25

This site represents the upcoming agenda for topics we want to discuss in the next upcoming and related meeting. Everyone may add additional topics here that may matter to be discussed within the group. Meeting minutes (if valuable) will be added after the meeting.


* Welcoming everyone
* Discussion about the meeting system (shall we keep jitis, maybe another instance, maybe something completley differen)?
* Do we need a second or maybe even third meeting timeslot to cover all the different timezones?
* Do we want to have records in future or to keep it private since all deep tech talks have dedicated talks that are recorded? Keep in mind, that this call should just make fun. No pressure, espeically not by being recorded.
* BoxyBSD - Next steps

Meeting Minutes

* Introduction (ideas behind this meeting, motivation)
* BoxyBSD (securing the service from being abused, authentication methods)
* BSD Cafe insights: How it had to deal with being abused
* Bringing more people into BSD (especially FreeBSD). How to provide more awareness
* Lacks of FreeBSD
* Potential software where already is being worked at for making things easier
* Upcoming new BSD Cafe services

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